As a company, we know that results matter. Below, you'll find some of the awesome things we've been able to do for our clients.

​Achieved 21,330 impressions in 3 months

Social Media Management

Grew follower count by 493%  in a single quarter

​Achieved 146% engagement rate (29 times the industry average!)

Increased overall web 

traffic by 50% 

Increased Google search results traffic by 58% 

Expect these numbers to keep increasing over time!

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media  Management 

Grew follower count by 100%, increased accounts engaged by 96.3%, and increased engagement 

among non-followers by 250%

Increased Reach by 523%. Achieved 24,403 impressions, a 65% increase

Increased engagement rate by 37.6%

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We believe that giving back is essential to being the kind of company that we want to be. That's why a portion of our profits go directly to the Vietnam Veterans of America, which does amazing work to help veterans at a local, state, and national level.  


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