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How to: Keep your Cannabis Instagram Page from getting Deleted

Updated: Jan 11

January 11, 2022

Instagram's guidelines on cannabis related content aren't fair or even implemented fairly. But, if you follow our guide, you'll be able to 'grow' your page's follower count and engagement metrics 'higher' than they've ever been! (Excuse the puns 😁)

What even are the guidelines? I can't find them anywhere!

Don't sweat it. We got them for you. Per Facebook:

"Instagram doesn’t allow people or organizations to use the platform to advertise or sell marijuana, regardless of the seller’s state or country. Our policy prohibits any marijuana seller, including dispensaries, from promoting their business by providing contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, or by using the “contact us” tab in Instagram Business Accounts. However, we do allow people to include a website link in their bio information."

Ok. So what does that mean for you and the things you can post?

Basically, it means that you shouldn't post pictures of the actual plant if you can avoid it, and try to focus on posting more lifestyle content. By lifestyle content, I mean things like pictures of people on your team, educational content on different strains your company sells, and things that reflect what your brand stands for, such as women's rights or social justice. Nowadays, 35% of consumers are more likely to trust brands who takes stances on political issues, with 43% favoring brands that take stands on political, environmental, and social issues in particular (Forbes). So if you have things your company believes in, make sure to let people know, and show off what you guys are doing to help further those causes. Posting products is alright, but make sure to place disclaimers in the caption and your bio like "💜Nothing for Sale💜". (the hearts aren't necessary, but it makes it a little more fun in our opinion). Instagram is basically just trying to prevent any sales of cannabis products through the platform itself, so as long as you make that clear, they should leave you alone.

So what can I put in my bio?

You can't have your phone number, a contact me button, email address, street address, or anything else for them to contact you with. However, you can have a link to your website in your bio. We recommend using a linktree so you can have multiple links instead of just to your website.

What about hashtags? Can I use cannabis related hashtags to expand my reach?

Nope. Instagram has algorithms that identify cannabis related hashtags and flag them, so by putting #cannabis on your post you're basically asking Instagram to take it down. The better move is to identify hashtags relevant to your target audience and use those instead. But be careful, because if the wrong person (a narc with nothing better to do) sees your post and decides to report you, that could be your page's downfall. So really do your research and make sure that your content is shown to the right people.

“At the end of the day, you have to accept your page could be taken down at any moment, without any sort of specific reason given.”

Do I need a backup account?

Yeah. Try to promote it on your page every now and then, because although you may be able to survive for years without any issues, you just as easily could have all of your hard work deleted without any notice. Even if you do everything super conservatively (we've see it happen), Instagram could just delete your account simply because you're a cannabis company. At the end of the day, you have to accept your page could be taken down at any moment, without any sort of specific reason given. A backup account gives you assurance that all of your hard work won't be lost.

Key Takeaways

1. Play it safe, focus on company lifestyle and stances, try to focus on products less

2. Don't put any contact information in any posts or your bio, but put a linktree in your bio

3. Add "Nothing for Sale" disclaimers to your bio and posts

4. Have a backup account

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